Glitter Glass Heart - Sky Blue
Glitter Glass Heart - Sky Blue
Glitter Glass Heart - Sky Blue
Glitter Glass Heart - Sky Blue

Glitter Glass Heart - Sky Blue

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Heart Plant Stake!

A sky blue handmade glass heart plant stake with silver glitter inside, looks so pretty when the light hits all the sparkles. Would make a great gift for any garden or plant enthusiast! Perfect for decorating your garden or plant pots, for outdoors or in.

My lampwork artisan glass items are handmade by myself, Darrelle in my cozy little studio in South Devon, UK. Each one is made individually and shaped by hand so the sparkles and size might vary a little in each one.

Colour: Sky blue with silver glitter
Approximate Size: The heart is 2.5- 3cm across by 2-2.5cm high. Comes on a 16cm long stainless steel rod.
Quantity: 1 heart plant stake

**I do take custom orders so if you would like this style of heart but in a different colour please feel free to message me**

How its made:
The glass is melted until molten using a 1700° flame from a duel fuel torch.  When the glass is hot and melted it acts like honey, the hotter it is the more it moves and drips.  So when the glass is acking like set honey I can start wrapping it around stainless steel rod and then its formed using both gravity and tools. Once it is complete it’s put into a kiln for several hours to bake then cooled down slowly, this is how the glass is hardened to make it durable.

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