About Elles Glass

I grew up in Plymouth, Devon, and my whole life I have been drawn to the creative arts.

My work really started taking off at secondary school where I pursued my artistic dreams wherever possible. After that I went to Plymouth Art College and got access to my first lampworking torches and discovered my true passion; glass bead making. I haven’t looked back since.

After 3 years at college studying lampwork, general glass-making and silver-smithing I went on to pursue my passion independently.

I now have my own workshop at home where I can design and make all my own work.

Each and every piece is individually designed and handcrafted here by me.

The creative process of my jewellery is as important to me as the end result, and I take care during every stage of the development.

I enjoy working with wire and wire weaves to creative interestingly visuals pieces that bring out the best of my glass work.

Due to the nature of hand crafted items, each and every piece is individual but always given the same care and attention to make every piece special.

 You will find my love for the natural world and the beautiful Devon countryside and seaside continues to provide an inspiration for my work.

As I live near to many beautiful beaches in and around Devon, I take full advantage of these and take my dog for walks along them. It’s never long until I’m inspired , so keep checking back to see my latest new designs.