Memorial Glass

Ashes into memorial glass is a wonderful way to remember someone or a beloved pet.

One of the hardest, most rewarding pieces of glasswork I get the opportunity to create are memorial beads. I don’t take this process lightly as I am dealing with someone’s loved one, whether that be their family member or furry friend.
By incorporating a small amount of ashes into hand-formed lampwork glass, I can create jewellery and keepsakes that make your memory a treasure. I offer this service with respect, care and understanding.
I offer a few set designs like the heart pendants, Pandora style beads and heart plant stakes but every piece is customizable to be completely unique and special to you. I take care with every piece and talk with you to achieve this.
I only need to use a small amount of cremation ashes (less than 1 level teaspoon per piece) and if there is any ashes left over they will be returned to you. Once I have the ashes it will only take approximately a week to complete your piece and get it sent back to you.
The pieces are made in my studio located on the south west coast in the seaside town of Plymouth, Devon.
If you would like to talk to me about a memorial piece there are a few ways to do so on my Contact Us page. Please feel free to ask me anything, I'm happy to help with any questions or requests.